Goals and Objectives

Seekonk Public Schools Strategic Plan

Goals & Objectives



Curriculum, Instruction, And Assessment

To improve student achievement.


*    Develop and implement a comprehensive PreK-12 curriculum design model for each learning area that correlates grade level/subject learning area expectations with the Massachusetts Frameworks and includes learning materials, strategies, and assessment measures.

*    Communicate expectations and achievement to students and parents.

*    Analyze and use data to make informed curricular and instructional decisions.

*    Establish and implement a district-wide professional development and mentoring program.

*    Engage all students in challenging programs that employ multiple pathways to meet their individual needs.

*    Establish and maintain an educational program that extends far beyond the core academics and includes arts, cultural awareness, and physical and emotional well being.

District And School Organization

To build fiscally responsible organizational structures which support teaching and learning to meet the unique needs of all students.


*    Explore and implement ways to provide more flexibility in daily and yearly schedules.

*    Ensure that class size, staffing patterns, and programming reflect current and sound educational research.

*    Provide increased time and opportunity for PreK-12 coordination between and across grade levels.

*    Establish the necessary leadership structure to support meeting the Curriculum and Assessment Goal.

Community Relations And Partnerships

To promote and enhance mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships with individuals and groups in the community.


*    Establish by September 2007 an inclusive committee of individuals from the community to explore, develop, monitor, and report on the creation of new partnerships.

*    Seek funds to support school and community relationships.

*    Identify, develop, and foster diverse opportunities for students to engage in active learning in the community.

*    Extend the use of public school facilities and related resources for broad and beneficial use by the wider community.

*    Work with school personnel and community members to provide ongoing information regarding school expenditures, annual budget, student achievement, and school related activities.

District And School Resources

To provide the necessary resources to support the educational needs of the district.


*    Evaluate current facilities and their capacity to meet ongoing needs.

*    Establish and implement a comprehensive maintenance plan for existing facilities.

*    Provide the time and resources for relevant, high quality professional development.

*    Advocate for sufficient, stable, and predictable financial support at local, state, and federal levels based on identified district needs.

*    Expand alternative educational opportunities that meet individual learning needs.


To employ a variety of technologies as integral components of district curricula, administrative operations, and community partnerships.


*    Advance creative and critical thinking skills through the effective and ethical use of technology.

*    Ensure that technology is integrated throughout the curriculum.

*    Deliver appropriate professional development to support the use of technology in the classroom and district operations.

*    Provide the necessary staff to effectively implement our district technology plan.

*    Identify and provide current and replacement technologies to support our district technology plan.

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