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We have been swamped with unexpected critical failures and thus haven't had time to update this blog.  We continue to keep an eye on the WAN (INET).  It has been stable since Comcast tuned the entire INET in Sept.  We had a brief problem with the Middle School on Thursday, Oct. 7 after the heavy rain and wind on Wed.  The server at the water tower actually lost power and rebooted.  It appears to be stable now.

We moved Administration to their new server in Sept.  All their files and services are up and running on the new server.

On Oct. 1, we upgraded the GroupWise email system to version 8.  We had a few issues with the upgrade.  We spent several hours on Thursday and Friday working with our consultants on correcting these issues.  It appears that it is working fine now.  There is a new WebAccess program with a lot of new features.  We will be posting some guides and tips for the new program in SPS U.  There are also new clients for Macs and for Windows.  Look for an email next week on how to upgrade.

When we upgrade the email system, we also upgraded the Spam/Virus filter.  You should have noticed a sharp reduction in spam.  The new filter works at the email gateway similarly to some "Spam Appliances".  It also has a better "learning" engine than the previous filter.  We are still working on some configuration issues with the release of blocked email.  As soon as these problems are worked out, you will start to receive the GWAVA digests again showing what emails have been blocked.  In the meantime, if you do not receive an email that  you are expecting, please email ( or call (HS ext. 405) the help desk and we will check it for you.

Posted by deborah.blakeney  On Oct 11, 2009 at 1:00 PM