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I can't believe we are starting another year.  The last year flew by.

We want to welcome Raffi Tashdjian to the District Technology Department as our new Network Administrator.  He will be responsible for maintaining and updating the network infrastructure (switches, firewalls, filters, and servers).  He will provide backup to Jackie and Joy as needed.

We have restructured the department for this year.  Jackie will concentrate on High School, Middle School, and Administration issues while Joy will concentrate on elementary school issues.  As always, there will be many things that we all will work on together.

Please remember that to request assistance, these are the best ways to contact us.

1.  SchoolDude IT request
2.  Email to
3.  Call the HS at 508-336-7272 ext. 405.  Please remember if Marge answers the phone that she is not a technician.  She will take the information on your problem and let as know as soon as possible.

The NEW network.  The fiber is installed and all the buildings are communicating with each other across it.  Most of the switches (80%) have been installed and configured.  The rest of the switches will be delivered some time in October.  The firewall and new filter are partially configured.  We have been working out bugs and issues with Comcast.

Posted by deborah.blakeney  On Sep 16, 2010 at 3:28 PM